Pushchair linked to wheelchair

Special footrests

Our volunteers are experienced engineers or craftsmen with access to a wide variety of skills and expertise.  Essex Remap are four of 94 local groups spread across the UK.

Each piece of equipment is tailor made to suit the specific needs of the individual.

We like to work with health professionals like occupational therapists or physiotherapists to make sure the equipment we provide meets the needs of each person, but we are happy for anyone to approach us for help.

Scooter lift system to help get off the ground onto the mobility scooter

We are always happy to give talks and presentations and will tackle almost any task, large or small but appreciate a donation if you can afford it, to help cover travel and materials.

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Remap is a charity which designs and makes, or adapts, equipment for people with disabilities if it is not commercially available.  Anyone can contact us for help and all work is free, although donations are always welcome.

Custom Equipment for People with Disabilities


In Essex there are 4 Remap groups

For CM Post Code Areas contact:-
E-mail: essexcentral@remap.info, or
Peter Livingstone (01621 855354)

For CO Post Code Areas contact:-
E-mail: essexnorth.chairman@remapgroups.org.uk,
or Ashley Slater (01206 272630)

For RM & IG Post Code Areas contact:-
E-mail: essexwest@remap.info, or
Alan Harris (07899 244832)

For SS Post Code areas contact:-
E-mail: essexsouth.chair@remapgroups.org.uk or Shelley Taylor (07771 578331)

Remap Essex are part of Remap UK with 81 groups around the country, 4 in Essex. Remap Head Office contact:-
01732 760209

Registered Charity No. 1137666

Remap Essex

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